Entry: busy boo bird Jan 10, 2004

hi folks sorry i've been very busy this week lots of work even on my days off i had a very scary time on wendsday i was in orlando when my brakes on my pickup failed very bad when going 70 miles an hour and you need to stop yesterday oh well im safe and it s fixed so its ok . my school is fun so far my math class is a little scary but i'll make it my prep writing class is fun the teacher is cool theres only two guys though oh well no biggie i cant wait until tuesday when i go back its like an adventure i dont know whats going to happen it will be fun the only thing im worried about is that work is thinking about promoting me and that is bad im scared to tell them no im going to school god will help me   i'll pray about it amy and i are talking and working stuff out which makes me feel great i think we have grown up more which is good for us but we are still busy but thats what school does to you have a great day boobird  


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