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Feb 15, 2004
happy happy

   Hello folks it has been busy i have been busy with school it is not easy it has been a little hard but im doin my best at school it is fun especially writing class it is all girls except greg and me so it is wacky sometimes . i have been working alot on my trucks the 77 K20 has a new hood' back bumper ' tailgate 'grill it is looking better . the 81 GMC is looking worse i put 4 inch exhaust tips on it it sounds nice i like it i took the old dented up bed off and put on a better bed it has two filler doors for both gas tanks which is important to me because it travels pretty far sometimes   thats my story and im sticking to it   gbu love boo

Posted at 12:27 am by kenhitchcock
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Feb 8, 2004

hi folks sorry you know the routine it's busy in the world of boojay last weekend stanley and i went to gainesville to help fix the dodge that did not work to well we ended up brining it home with us either way it was a very therpeutic weekend it was much needed i had alot of  fun with amy and amanda we made spagetti watched anime which now that i take the time to watch it it is very interesting amy and i aree getting along very well it is great im so happy wwe had fun   see you nlater   boo

Posted at 09:30 pm by kenhitchcock
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Jan 21, 2004
math yuck

hi folks  i got out of my math class a while ago and woy does it wear you out i like my writing class better thats all i have to say about that busy day hauling off yard garbage with am's dad it is fun i get to use my 4x4 alot and give it a workout have a nice day cu ya later ken

Posted at 10:47 pm by kenhitchcock
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Jan 20, 2004
busy busy me

  hello folks its has been like the usual here i've been busy with work and school alot of home work and working on my trucks just being a busy boo talking to a good friend of mine in gainesville she is cool i like talking to her alot any way boo 's got home work see you later  boo

Posted at 11:03 pm by kenhitchcock
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Jan 16, 2004
happy boo

hi kids i have had a great day i went to work typical day it was busy i did not get anything done today but i'll try again tomorrow  yesterday was fun at school i had alot of fun there i wrote about what i thought the gates of heaven were like and then we went to the learning lab and did our work it was fun i cant wait until monday though i need a day off to relax any way i go to bed boo says bye gbu 

Posted at 10:46 pm by kenhitchcock
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Jan 11, 2004
only day off

wow what a fun day it was my only day off i went to stanleys house and hung out for the first time in five years i washed glendas dishes she was freaked out it was cool then stanley and i went to try to get my school book at books amillion they can get it in three weeks fast considering i have homework due on wendsday i hope the bcc book store has it tommorow im also trying to come up with a way to tell my boss that i dont want the managment position because of school it it going to be hard . i also found out why my truck was not starting right it helps when all the spark plugs work right oh well i have to get up at 5 am   have a nioce day   bye ken

Posted at 08:29 pm by kenhitchcock
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Jan 10, 2004
busy boo bird

hi folks sorry i've been very busy this week lots of work even on my days off i had a very scary time on wendsday i was in orlando when my brakes on my pickup failed very bad when going 70 miles an hour and you need to stop yesterday oh well im safe and it s fixed so its ok . my school is fun so far my math class is a little scary but i'll make it my prep writing class is fun the teacher is cool theres only two guys though oh well no biggie i cant wait until tuesday when i go back its like an adventure i dont know whats going to happen it will be fun the only thing im worried about is that work is thinking about promoting me and that is bad im scared to tell them no im going to school god will help me   i'll pray about it amy and i are talking and working stuff out which makes me feel great i think we have grown up more which is good for us but we are still busy but thats what school does to you have a great day boobird  

Posted at 11:04 pm by kenhitchcock
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Jan 8, 2004
happy boobird

       hi folks here is my first entry i had a long day today i first went to work all day then after work i rushed home changed and went to school for my second class it is so much fun college is much better than high school im having fun my tues thurs class is prep writing with mrs thomas she is cool i will have fun in this class i can tell already  my wndsday class is pre algabra prep with mr stankowitz im a little worried about this class im excited this is fun i wish i had done it earlier   cu later boo

Posted at 09:26 pm by kenhitchcock